NemoRaceway Trackday Session - Full Day + 2022 Membership Renewal

Trackday slots for NemoRaceway - Members only. Please make sure you have purchased a membership before booking any slots

Session times are 10:00 - 16:00 (10am to 4pm). 
Tuesday to Sunday. 

We can accommodate 8 people at any time on the rostrum.  Please wait until there is a free space before heading for your next run. If the rostrum is full, when you next need to come in for fuel please leave the rostrum so that anyone waiting can have their turn. The pit entry and exit uses a one way system which is clearly sign posted and the rostrum has an up and a down side, please follow this guidance. 

When you have crashed please marshal your own cars so as to reduce touch contact with others.

Please respect the track and others and please stay in your marked areas during your session. We advise that you wear gloves while at the track and face masks if you prefer. 

We have hand sanitation at the bottom of the stairs, please use every time you go up the rostrum. We also have sanitisers outside the ladies and gents toilets and please once again use this before entering.

After each session the rostrum will be sanitised ready for the next days bookings. For this reason please make sure you leave the circuit as soon as possible once your session has finished. 

If we have to close the track due to adverse weather in advance of a booking, we will refund the session. 

We have a snack shop available at race control offering cold drinks, crisps and chocolate . Contactless payments only. 

A valid BRCA licence is mandatory to use the track. Please ensure you have your card with you.