This is it, the big one... An unbelievable update to the world renowned B-220 motor.  The engineers in Japan have once again shown why they are the envy of the RC engine world, upgrading what was already the bench mark.
Expect to see more bottom and mid power, super smooth linear output curve and finally a large economy increase. Its truly outstanding….. we are delighted to announce the Bullitt B-221.

Stroke volume: 3.46 cc / 0.211

Bore: 16.4 mm / 0.646 in.

Stroke: 16.4 mm / 0.646 in.

Output: 2.65 ps / 2.61 hp / 34,000 r.p.m.

Practical Rotation Speed: 4,000 - 42,000 rpm.

Weight: 347 g / 12.25 oz

Available now,

BULLITT Run In Instructions