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Raaco CarryMore 55 x 2 Twin Carry Case Kit

A great carry case solution with 16 suitably sized and secure compartments per carry case. 

Raaco Storage and transport system with 2 CarryLite 55 4x8-16. Equipped with ergonomic handle and Connecting lock-mechanism to link together several units. Retainers stop the CarryLite boxes from falling out during transportation.

Colour: Black

Depth: 278.0 mm / 11.0 inches
Width: 386.0 mm / 15.2 inches
Height: 195.0 mm / 7.7 inches
Weight: 3.696 kg / 8.148 lbs
Carriage load: 25.00 kg / 55.12 lbs

Contains 2 CarryLite

Made of polypropylene and copolymer (PP and CO)



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