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AGAMA A319e 2022 spec Competition Electric Buggy Kit

The AGAMA A319e 2022 spec electric buggy is the culmination of years of design, development and dedication with over 50 years of racing experience and it is set to push the field of 1/8th electric racing, just like it’s nitro brother has all over the world!
The new buggy platform takes all of the great attributes that is synonymous with the Agama brand, high quality materials and forward thinking designs.
When the new buggy was on the drawing table there were key changes to be achieved and this has all come together in a superb all new platform !  
The ease of maintenance on the buggy has been hugely improved along with the ease of driving at a fast pace ! 
The new buggy Features and Designs are listed below: 
- Chassis: 
The new buggy chassis plate features a new shape at the front and rear, the rear has more torsional flex whilst still remaining longitudinally stiff, the front of the chassis has also been more angled to offer better clearance from the tyre at full lock as well as more roll clearance in long sweeping turns. The chassis is also narrower to provide a lower overall weight whilst keeping the overall width and driving characteristics associated with that. The chassis also no longer has the holes in the bottom of it, because the gearboxes are now mounted higher.
- Radio Tray 
A entirely new radio tray makes for better servo position, more room in the boxes for all of the electrical equipment as well as a quicker and easier removal of the radio tray and servo.
- Split centre diff mount 
 A split centre diff mount is now used, the diff is now rotated with the spur to the back.
- Drivetrain  
There is a new drivetrain used throughout the new buggy, new 39T Crown gears mate up to new 12T pinion gears, this makes the buggy easier to drive with more corner speed, a smoother more efficient transmission and a class leading durability.
- Lightweight one piece rear wing mount 
A new lightweight one piece wing mount has been utilised it offers more durability and a lower centre of gravity whilst also allowing for more tuning options with a range of height adjustment where it mounts to the rear shock tower. 
- Shock towers 
With the new front and rear geometry, new shock towers have been used that give the optimum shock length for all conditions and the new rear tower has the various wing mount height holes. 
 - Wishbones hangers 
 New A/B/C/D blocks are used on the new buggy they offer updated roll centre and anti squat positions more optimised for the new geometry that is presented throughout the new buggy.
 - Steering Posts 
New longer steel steering posts are used, this is for compatibility with the new raised front gearbox and steering assembly.
- Steering Top Plate 
A new composite steering top plate as been produced in line with the new steering post positions on the chassis plate as well as the new raised front gearbox. 
 - Chassis Braces 
 New chassis braces are used with a single chassis mounting point on both the front and rear, a secondary rear brace is also included in the box for a further reduction in chassis flex. 
New cab forward body. Very good high speed stability.
-Chassis side Guards 
The chassis side guards have a new shape and height for better protection from the ingress of damp and dust and they will now fit the new chassis shape. They also now use a wraparound design for even better protection in all racing conditions. 
-Caster Block 
A new 17.5 degree composite caster block is included in the box
 -Steering Plates 
New steering plates are used to change the Ackerman of the buggy, making it easier to driver and more rotation on low speed and smoother at high speed.