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May 27, 2016 2 min read

RCCAOI first national of the season taking place at BADMCC in Northern Ireland and with a decent turn out of drivers the only question was will the weather play ball !
We had had heavy rain for 2 days and lucky enough Saturday that yellow dot in the sky came out . Qually in nitro was split between Alan Scroggie and Gary Baird both taking 2 rds a piece Alan having the slightest faster time taking the TQ . In Ebuggy Beta runner Aaron Vance took the TQ followed by Barkley and Gary both on the full Nemo packages .
Ebuggy final we had 4 cars on the go and it was a little different to qually . Small tweaks to the 215's and Both Gary and Barkley changed the pace up a notch . Both made a good break away at the start and finished 3 seconds apart at the buzzer . John Dungan coming home 7th and Gary MCDevitt 12th .
Nitro final , a spectators delight ! With changeable conditions coming in it would be an interesting race to say the least . We had 6 Agama 215's making the main with Ashley Tsang and Paul Kane bumping in from the B.

Alan and Barkley got the break at the start and pulled a fairly good gap to the field . Gary Baird and Andrew mcClean got snagged at the start but soon settled into a good Pace ... Then the rain came !!! Gary Alan and Barkley swapped places for about 15 mins , really entertaining race with nothing between them and making up nearly 1/2 a lap in the damp conditions Andrew mcClean started to show .. As the track dried Alan pulled away and Andrew moved up into 2nd . This is how it ended after the 45 mins Alan Scroggie 1st Andrew McClean 2nd Barkley Abernethy 3rd .

Not a bad Weekend 5/6 podiums on the full Nemo packages . Well done to the whole team it was a great effort .