September 19, 2017 2 min read

Once again we were back at Slough for the last round of the UK national nitro championship on the 9th and 10th of this month.  We had a great turnout for the weekend and everyone was looking forward to using the track, which was a brand new layout and had been well prepared for the event.  We saw a few light showers, but otherwise it felt like perfect race weather.  

Practice and qualifying rounds began Saturday and finals ran on Sunday.  Once qualifying was out of the way we were left with Elliot Boots and Darren Bloomfield tied for TQ, though Darren was put back to second taking their fourth rounds into account.  We also had the young Joni Skidmoore, Ollie Currie, William Skidmoore and Tony Truman qualify directly into the highest semifinals.  As the finals started on the Sunday it was clear to see that our Beta Volante were working well on the track with many of our team bumping up.  

We had five full package drivers bump up into the A main; Darren, Ollie, Joni, William and, despite having a really tough qualifying day with radio issues, Callum.  

For the main final Darren led most of it along with Boots, they were neck and neck and it gave the crowd something to cheer for as they lapped the rest of the drivers.  As the last minutes rolled through; Darren had a few errors which unfortunately led to Elliot Boots being able to grab the win from him; big congratulations to him and Kyosho for a great performance.  Darren then took second and Lee Martin from Infinity took third.  

We also proudly had Joni Skidmoore come in 6th, Ollie in 7th, William in 12th and Callum took 13th.  Special mention for Kevin Brunsden; who finished 4th running Beta tires and Piranha fuel, a very good result.  

The results for the overall Uk 2017 nitro championship 1 Elliot Boots.  2 Lee Martin, 3 Darren Bloomfield. 

UK 2017 nitro junior championship 1 Lewis Jones, 2 William Skidmoore, 3 Kieran Cox.