August 17, 2017 2 min read

Once again, this past weekend, the NemoRacing team were back at the track situated at the race track in Pembrey, Llanelli, Wales.   We had a lovely start to the weekend, the boys were down on the Friday evening setting up our tables ready to offer our drivers support.  Everything got sorted quite early on, so there was plenty of time for a cheeky Nandos! 

The first day of practice and our drivers looked really good on the track.  Darren Bloomfield and Joni Skidmoore both ran in high positions for the majority of practice and qualifying rounds, which was fantastic to see.  Joni and Darren both ran the new Beta wing, which seemed to lend some level of stability to the car.  Track conditions weren’t bad, though there were a few rogue rocks that seemed to be dotted around.  

Tire choice, as per usual, seemed to be a focus point for every driver on the track.  People switched between Volante and Cubez in ulta soft, this however was eventually switched for super soft once the track had dried out somewhat from Friday night’s light showers. 

Darren was in the running to qualify first right until the final rounds, just a couple of small errors cost him that chance. He still lined up 2nd overall and we had 7 A215SV, 9 Bullitts and 8 Beta runners in the top 29. 

The final came about and we had a good few drivers looking to make the main final; Darren, Joni, Tony, Ollie, Callum and Will all strong drivers with good skills. We managed to get 4 of those through to the main, once both semi finals were completed.


Darren Bloomfield kept up well with the front runners and was looking like he’d finish with a podium position.  After a great few initial laps, however, we had a moment that felt all too familiar to us from out last visit to Pembrey and Darren’s engine cut out dead on the track during the main final.  After stopping twice Darren still insisted on pressing on and attempting to finish the race, however at a certain point it was obvious the effort was futile.  Upon closer inspection it came to light we had a clutch failure on our hands, something very rare for us, we’ll have to wait and see how this result affects his overall championship scores for the year.  Tony drove fantastically and finished in 10th as well as Ollie who did well to end up at 13th.  

Joni was flying and ran in 3rd for most of the race. With 5 minutes to go he looked certain for a podium result, unfortunately a few small difficulties saw him knocked back a couple of positions.  He managed to climb back up and finished with an impressive 5th.  We’re very proud of our guys and look forward to supporting them next time. 

Next weekend will be the eBuggy and truck national over in Slough, which of course Nemo will be attending, if you're around come over and say hi!

Cheers from all at Nemo, and as ever… 

Race for fun.