April 23, 2018 2 min read

Better late than never seems to be a phrase that’s becoming all too popular in the “Nemo press office”! Never the less, let’s talk about last weekend...
So first off it was the start of the ebuggy and truck national championship races at a track that was new to us and a lot of others; Brookthorpe RC. We have to say how amazing we all felt the track was, well maintained, interesting bumps and features made it technically challenging yet fun and a great rostrum and pit area. We are seeing more and more of these astroturf tracks and so far we are feeling impressed. Who knows, maybe BETA will have to release a tire for it? (minus the silly dremmeling ;-))
We of course, were well pleased with all the facilities and the offering of a food van, we never say no to a cheeky bacon roll!
But back to the racing; the racing was much anticipated due to the... INTERESTING weather we’ve been having so far this year so this weekend couldn’t come soon enough for us. The turnout was amazing, it really showed how much people had been missing the action. We had the much anticipated return of Mr Darren Bloomfield to the track, who has missed the racing from all this bad weather.  He still wasn’t ready to give up his hobby though and was back in action with his Ebuggy to qualify 2nd for the finals and then take first place home. We’re sure some INTERESTING people have been vocally wondering about his whereabouts, perhaps now their “curiosity” will be satisfied. We’ve heard curiosity kills pussy... cats.
We had a few others running ebuggy for us and having a great time; our young Joni Skidmore took home fourth after bumping up from the B final having been through a tough qualifier and his younger brother Will took seventh.

Running truck for us was Jon Hazlewood, who’s dusted off his transmitter and come back to racing to take home third. Ashlee Owen took fourth on his first attempt with our truck and we are immensely pleased for him. John from Associated took home second for truck and Jack from SWorks took the win. The other ebuggy podium spots were snatched up by Michael from Associated and Jack, again from SWorks. All around we felt everyone just enjoyed themselves and pressed on despite the wet conditions and the late finishing time due to such a huge entry.
We’d like to say a massive thanks to Brookthorpe RC club for putting on such a fantastic national for everyone, a lot of effort went into the track and facilities and it really showed. We look forward to returning soon.
Thanks from all at the Nemo team, and as ever, race for fun!