August 25, 2017 3 min read

Last weekend was the final round of the eBuggy and truck nationals over at the Upton Park track in Slough.  The weather was perfect from start to finish, a really lucky weekend for all that attended.  The track facilities, as always, were top notch and it was clear a lot of time and maintenance had gone into preparing the track for this event.  Some new sections have recently been installed and  they were working well for everyone, they really made the track more 3D, and gave it some real character; adding exciting challenges for experienced drivers.

Nemo was a strong presence this weekend with plenty of drivers and support turning up to get involved in this event.  Our A215e buggy and truck performed seamlessly during the rounds; with 5 drivers making it through to the eBuggy main final and 4 trucks through to the truck main final, making us the dominant brand in both.  The track surface from the start was fairly dry, causing it to be quite dusty and loose.  The tire of choice to cope with these conditions was predominantly volante ultra soft, both for our drivers and many others running various models of car.  We always feel this is a good versatile choice of tire, no matter who you’re driving for, especially when a track surface presents these types of challenges.  

Qualifying rounds were competitive, as always, we had Darren Bloomfield TQ in eBuggy and truck, Joni Skidmoore qualifying 3rd in eBuggy and Jon Hazlewood qualifying 4th in truck; a very good start to our weekend!  The usual front runners could be seen in both classes through Sunday morning’s qualifying rounds and it wasn’t long before we had our line up ready for the main finals to begin.

For the main final in truck we had our own Darren Bloomfield make a cameo appearance to put one of our trucks to the test.  As usual we had some dramatic event during the race and an issue with the switch completely failing meant he was out on the track just in time for the first lap, missing the practice laps.  A big thanks to Elliot Boots and Mick Craddock from Kyosho for taking the time to help out and get Darren’s truck repaired in time to get out, without them he would have likely missed more than the practice laps, so this was a wonderful show of sportsmanship.  

Darren ran well in this race and kept up with the best, again, as tradition dictates there was more drama when a fuelling issue meant he was knocked back by 30 seconds, however this didn’t affect his performance and he still managed to pull off a 1st place podium spot.  Jon Hazlewood ran as high as 2nd early on in the race, ultimately taking 4th place overall.  Mike Shorey and James Tatlow also ran in the final and put in a good performance, a big well done to everyone who took part. In the overall British championship Jon was our hightest placed finisher in 4th and Mike Shorey 7th

The eBuggy main final went a little smoother than the truck; with Darren Bloomfield running in first place throughout; Elliot Boots though, was hot on his heels in second.  Darren put up a good fight leading throughout, taking the 1st place podium spot with Elliot boots taking a very close 2nd and Jamie Clancy picking up 3rd.  

This weekend has been the end of the national races for eBuggy and truck, the results being for eBuggy Darren Bloomfield in 1st; making him British champion having won four out of the five finals, Joni Skidmoore in 2nd; a fantastic result for such a young up and comer, Jamie Clancy in 3rd, joni’s brother Will Skidmoore in 4th;another promising young driver, and Ollie Currie in 5th.  Obviously we at Nemo are absolutely thrilled to have 4 drivers in the top 5 British Championship list for eBuggy and hope the success continues for these drivers.   


As ever our thanks to the track crew, we all enjoyed the new track, and to the BRCA committe for running the events this year. As previously mentioned Chris Jerrories and James Tatlow find the right balance between having a well structured and run meeting whilst still feeling fun and welcome to all....Bravo....We cant wait to be back for more in 2018. 

Cheers from all at Nemo, and as ever… 

Race for fun.