April 26, 2018 3 min read

Last weekend was the beginning of the Southern Regional Series for nitro, truggy and ebuggy divisions. I think by now everyone has seen the results and we at Nemo couldn’t be more pleased.
The track was immaculately laid out and prepared for the event, with plenty of people turning up on the Saturday for a bit of practice. Another astroturf track that really impressed us (*sigh* cue the dremel) and it’s always been one of our team’s favourite to drive. We arrived with the sunshine and quickly got to work with our testing of a new optional part that (fingers crossed) we’re hoping to have ready by the first nitro national race at Westmill this weekend... more of that to come on our Facebook page so keep your eyes peeled if you’re looking for something to give you the competitive edge in your steering.

So let’s talk about the SRS... the truck division was exciting for us, our Allan “digger” Bridgeman was poised to take home first place having TQ’d, but unfortunately during the main final a drivetrain grub screw came loose and he had to give up his position. Left to take home second and third place were our own Tony Scott and James Tatlow respectively, great job boys!

Qualifying for the nitro main finals we had a fair few of our Nemo boys in the top 20, Darren Warburton bumping up from the B to make it 4 agama cars in total running in the main final, already a great result for us.

If you missed the main A final then we feel sorry for you, it was a nail biter of a race! The whole thing was exciting from crashes, to fuel running out to, batteries running out, to a fight between two veterans; with plenty of crashes between them and drama to keep everyone on the edge of their seats...
We had our Darren Warburton sitting pretty in 4th for a long time with at least a lap between him and fifth when it came to light that his pit men had forgotten to call him in for a re-fuel (in the words of Homer Simpson - D’oh!). Luckily there was still enough time for him to get his car back in, get fuelled up and take home 7th, well done mate.

The last few minutes of the final was where all the excitement happened. Jon could feel his remote vibrating with a low battery warning halfway through and it seemed as though he might not finish, but thanks to a 13 second lead and Dave Rolls (cheers mate!) lending his battery from what happened to be the same brand of remote Jon managed to come in and make the switch, hitting the track again just behind Kevin. First place came down to Kevin Brunsden and Jon Hazlewood; who’s recently taken the decision to return to competitive nitro buggy racing. The two were head to head and two crashes saw Jon waiting for Kevin and then two saw Kevin waiting for Jon; they were aiming to battle it out like gentlemen! At the end though, when it came down to the final lap it was Jon that took the win by literally 0.3 of a second. Incredible.
We really enjoyed this track and it’s fantastic facilities, it’s definitely somewhere that would be awesome to see more big races at. Big thanks to everyone at Southcoast RC club for all the effort and hosting the event, we look forward to coming back.

Next on the race calendar for us is, of course, round one of the nitro buggy national races, which is being held by HNMCC in ware, Hertfordshire. We’ll be setting up camp on Friday and staying through the weekend to offer our support and spares, we all hope to see you there (no teddy with us this weekend unfortunately!)

Thanks from all at the Nemo team, and as ever, race for fun!