May 11, 2017 2 min read


Summer has arrived in the land of green and May time brings around the first national of the year . This year RD1 was held at the multi surface track of BADMCC 15 mins from Belfast . As usual the Saturday would be used as a practice day with Sunday as the race day . Qualifying would be 3/4 to count and both ebuggy and nitro buggy run on the same day so if your double classing it's a busy day .

Ebuggy qually went well and with 4 cars in the final , John Dungan lining up 10th , Gary McDevitt 7th , Gary Baird 3rd and Barkley 2nd on the grid for the final .

As the track had been heavily sugared and the sun baking it in the grip was massive and tyre choices making a big difference . Super soft volante where a 1 run tyre but yielding great times .

Nitro qually and the guys where pretty spread though the field , inside the top 15 we had Gary Baird 2nd overall Barkley 6th , Andrew mcClean 7th ,Paul Kane 9th, Damien Russell 12th and the cork charmer Greg Cunningham 14th .

Ebuggy finals John and Gary Mc D finished 8th & 9th , Gary and Barkley 2nd and 3rd after a good battle in the middle of the race .. As you can see in the photo the "Team work continued " during presentations :)

Nitro finals and there was the odd lump and bump appearing on track . Everyone drove great in their finals but the hero of the day Damien Russell bumping into the A main , great effort .

The main final freeride in ms seemed like the tyre to go on , tough race but it's all about the 45 mins . Andrew Mc Clean finished 10th ,Damien 7th ,Barkley 4th and Gary Baird an excellent 2nd . Great weekend of racing and exhausting ... even the cork taxi on the way was rocking ...