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July 17, 2017

This weekend gone we were at the European Championship B race held at the ABC track in Réding. 

Upon arrival Friday morning the track was looking good, with its tight and technical layout it was sure to be a fun race. The weather had a great prediction also, with temperature estimations in the mid 30’s and clear skies. 

The Friday at the track is for practise and reseeding for the drivers, with 4 rounds on the day, 2 as a scheduled practise and the final 2 used to reseed. With many Agama drivers in attendance, such as Berkan Kilic, William Skidmore, Mirko Belli, Marcel Kruger, Luca Kruger, Adrien Brens, Kevin Michaudet and Patrick Auvinet Jr, it was looking to be a busy race for us. It was pleasing to see the progress of the Junior french team driving here with them all looking good on the track and presenting well off the track ! 

On Saturday qualifying took place, with 4 rounds and 2 rounds to count. The weather was warm and stayed consistent, however there were some short spells of rain that mixed up the proceedings. After the 4th and final round, we had Berkan Kilic in 16th, Marcel Kruger 21st, Adrien Brens 28th, Patrick Auvinet Jr 32nd and Kevin Michaudet 34th, we also had BETA/Bullitt/PRF driver Elliot Taylor in 33rd position. Mirko Belli and Will Skidmore had a couple of hold ups in qualifying leaving them 40th and 41st, however with 4 bumping up in the finals and some late qualifying speed being found a good result could be had. 

On the Saturday afternoon a couple of finals were ran but the majority were run on the Sunday, we had some superb drives from many of the team, with a special mention to Elliot Taylor for his great driving to bump multiple times and get himself into the 1/4th finals. Also to Mirko Belli for his outstanding driving to progress from a 40th place qualification spot to bump right the way up into the Semi final spots, well done Mirko and Mario ! William Skidmore our Factory brit had some tough luck in his final after holding a bump up spot meaning he wouldn't progress into the next final, however the use of the new 39990 and 39960 Brass Weights for the Agama Cars, made for a huge improvement to his speed on the very very blown out and bumpy track. 

The semi finals were up and we had just Berkan Kilic and Mirko Belli in the runnings, the track now had degraded largely, with huge bumps appearing making to very tough for the drivers. Even though they both drove very well, sadly neither would progress to the main final. 

After the semi finals we had the special races, that included the Junior final, in this final we had Berkan Kilic and William Skidmore. 

Both William and Berkan were using the new Brass weights on the front and rear of their buggies, a great improvement on this bumpy blown out surface.

Will had a tough start to the 20 minute final with his being relegated to last position after the first corner, he would however drive incredibly and stayed level headed to pick of the drivers ahead of him, just one by one until it was just Bessac in front of him, they had a great battle for the end half of the race but Will had the speed to just put it round at 90% with no errors than pushing and making an error, William Skidmore was the Junior Champion of the EURO B feature final! Well done William, also great job to Berkan Kilic, who had some tough battles but pushed through to finish in 3rd place.

A big thank you to the track team at ABC for the venue, and to Alan Dell for organising the UK team. 

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