December 17, 2017 3 min read

First and foremost; season’s greetings from all at Nemo Racing!  We hope you’re having a fantastic time as everyone winds down for the year and starts to enjoy Christmas.  This weekend the Die hard racer Jim Thompson still managed to put on an impressive race for the Winter Series at Westmill, despite the recent harsh weather, taking away 2nd place on the podium, Steve Johnson 3rd and our young Callum Niblett swooping in for 1st place.  This marked the final race for the Winter series this side of the new year, hope to see you all back in January, where Nemo will be present once again to offer full race support to anyone that needs it. 


Switching things up, Nemo hit Germany last weekend for the 2017 running of the Advent Cup, at the impressive Czypu-drom Indoor Speedway track.  We arrived fresh at the venue Friday morning where practice rounds were running all day.  The turnout was impressive and only got better from there on, numbers increasing that afternoon and Saturday for seeding.  There was an especially strong Nemo presence with over 20 drivers running our Agama car.  Burak and Berkan Kilic, Marcel Kruger and Jon Hazlewood were all seeded in the top 2 heats, giving Nemo a good chance at winning the cup.  


As the qualifying rounds were underway, we saw Burak running head to head with the current European Champion Robert Battle, for a nail biting fight for TQ.  Impressively; Burak managed to TQ one out of his three rounds and his hard work paid off, qualifying 2nd, with Battle 1st and Jorn Newman qualifying 3rd.  


On Sunday the final rounds began; with things quickly heating up trackside, and outside becoming colder by the minute!  There were many standout performances from our team, though particularly we saw fantastic results from Berkan, Burak and Max Hamun who all made the A main final.  After the three legs of the A main final; Burak amazingly took 2nd place just behind Robert Battle, who took first, and Jorn Newman took 3rd.  Youngster Berkan came in impressively at 6th place and Max ran very competitively; running in an A main for the first time, we look forward to seeing him run even better next time.  


All in all it was a wonderful weekend and a fantastic venue with such a positive attitude from everyone.  The only dampener to the weekend was when it was time to leave, the outside had turned into a winter wonderland!  Nemo struggled to get on the real road, as we’re sure everyone else did and decided to throw in the towel early and stay in Germany one more night.  Unfortunately, unlike Berkan and Burak Kilic, we were running the wrong tyres for those conditions (should have gone with Beta cubes!).  Lack of winter tyres aside though, we thoroughly enjoyed our trip and thanks to the snow, we had the wonderful opportunity of experiencing the traditional German Christmas market; 

We’d like to say a huge thank you to Jurgan Czypulowski for his amazing venue, hospitality and delicious food and refreshments.  This is by far one of the best venues for an E buggy race (the BQQ outside sealed the deal for us!).  

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Thanks from all at the Nemo team, and as ever, race for fun!