January 21, 2018 2 min read

We are please to announce the 2018 Factory Team drivers for NEMO Racing!

Darren Bloomfield continues with NEMO Racing, the life long rc superstar with some super quick thumbs!

Burak and Berkan Kilic, the two youngest and most enthusiastic drivers with Chief Mechanic and Father Apo!

Joni and William Skidmore, the Northern brother talent team with Mr “Thug life” himself their mechanic and mentor!

Callum Niblett pushes himself forward this year running the full NEMO Racing Package, he is one to look out for!

Barkley Abernethy, with us from the start and irreplaceable on the traveling team!

Tony Truman, the commentator/driver will be sure to provide entertainment on and off the track!

Dani Vega the multi time Spanish National champion, still with the speed to win national races!

Billy Tylaska our US manager continues looking after an ever growing US team whilst still pushing some strong wins over the pond!

Robert “GUS” Gustaffson, the Swedish RC racing legend continues with NEMO Racing!

Karl Jackson joins the Factory Team for 2018 and beyond, the experienced driver will be sure to push forward this season!

Elliot Taylor had a great end to 2017 with Agama, BETA and Bullitt and is another to watch progress in 2018!

Edouard Hugon with his smooth and efficient driving style he will be sure to be heading the French nationals!

Stefano Cantoni, our Italian Factory speed demon continues with Agama and BULLITT for 2018!

Complementing the factory team is a whole host of super talented and upcoming national team drivers, representing their respective country distributors as well as NEMO Racing. As ever feel free to stop and ask for any help and advise from the team when you see us trackside. Here are some mugshots to help identity them....